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About Gruno

Gruno Verhuur is a subsidiary of Gruno Vastgoed. Originated the organization focused just on room rental. Most of the time, landlord posted advertisement when they were looking for new tenants. However, they did not receive enough responses, even when the rooms and properties were beautiful. The reasons behind this was not giving enough information and terrible pictures. This needed to change. So, Robin Keuning and Kariem Deelstra started to contact landlord with better offers.

Gruno Vastgoed started looking for the right landlord and tenants, but focused on the well-being of the tenants. This means they focused on good looking rooms and properties with a reasonable price. This is still their vision today. Do you want to rent a room? First, Gruno Verhuur will start a screening. This means they will ask some questions to see if you are capable of paying the rent. Also, rooms, studios, and apartments need a certain quality standard and deferred maintenance is not accepted.

Gruno Verhuur

The enterprise became a real estate organization with all the facets the branche needs. Think about buying and selling properties or financial help and management of properties. The rent of rooms, studios, and apartments is moved to the subsidiary Gruno Verhuur.

A long time ago, it all started in a student room of 8 square meters. Nowadays, you can find us at the Nieuwe Ebbingestraat 129.

The Team

Robin Keuning Gruno Verhuur

Robin Keuning
Co-Owner & Real Estate Management

Kariem Deelstra Gruno Verhuur

Kariem Deelstra
Co-Owner & Buying and selling broker

Johannes Bruining Gruno Verhuur

Johannes Bruining
Buying and selling broker

Lars Muijselaar Gruno Verhuur

Lars Muijselaar
Rental agent

Bram Tirion Gruno Verhuur

Bram Tirion
Rental agent

Mark van Leijden Gruno Verhuur

Mark van Leijden
Rental Agent & Marketing

Sabine de Vries

Sabine de Vries
Financial administration

Jurjan van Beek Gruno Verhuur

Jurjan van Beek
Property manager

Martijn Keuning Gruno Verhuur

Martijn Keuning
Property manager

Alice Breimer
Property manager

Wouter Koops

Wouter Koops
Property manager

Jan Jakob Bouma Gruno Verhuur

Jan Jakob Bouma
Energy consultant

Lisa Streunding Gruno Verhuur

Lisa Streunding
Advisor mijnbouwschade

Jesper Dijkstra Gruno Verhuur

Jesper Dijkstra
Advisor mijnbouwschade

Brent Keuning
Advisor mijnbouwschade

Nick Watermulder

Nicky Watermulder
Technical service and maintenance

Do you want to report damages? Use the form in the Huurdersportaal. You do not need to call.

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