Prevent and Control Pests in your Home

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Prevent and Control Pests in your Home

Mice’s, fleas, ants, wasps.. These are not your favourite roommates. So the questions is; ‘How can you get rid of them?’

First, it is good to know that most of the pests are attracted by food. So, be careful with leftovers, and make sure you will close all your food packages. Do not forget to clean after you cook, and throw away your garbage as soon as possible.

Second, you have to make sure unpleasant roommates are not able to enter your living space. Close small holes and cracks, because a mice only need half of a centimeter to enter your room. Mosquito nets in front of your windows will keep the wasps and mosquitoes away. 

Pests are in favor of warm, moist, and sheltered spaces. For example, a messy spot in the corner of your room or closet. Be aware of these spots and make sure pests do not find them in your house.

Still have pests in your house? Then you will need something heavier. You can choose for chemical products, but you can also choose for more environmental friendly products. You can use a mousetrap instead of poison or use vinegar against ants.

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