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Refill the Central Heating System

Are the radiators not functioning, or getting hot just partially? Maybe it is time to refill your Central Heating System. This sounds difficult, but with the following steps you can do it easily yourself. First, you have to check the pressure gauge. If the pressure is below 1, it is time to refill the system.

How to refill the Central Heating System? Please check the following instructions:

You will need:

  1. A towel
  2. A bucket
  3. A pipe wrench
  4. A hose


  1. Turn off the Central Heating System and wait 15 minutes to let the system cool down;
  2. Unplug the Central Heating System;
  3. Connect the hose to the water tap, open the water tap carefully, and fill the hose with water;
  4. Connect the hose to the fill tap (you will see a connection point with a red cap);
  5. Open the water tap first and then the fill tap;
  6. Check the pressure and fill the Central Heating System until 1,5-2 bar;
  7. When you are finished, first close the fill tap and then the water tap.

If you need more instruction, please check this video of the Energiewacht (in Dutch)

After refilling the Central Heating System you have to vent all the radiators.

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